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    ?It was the first time for me to go to Fengxian, the development level of Fengxian, urban and rural areas are not quite to my surprise ,much better than I imagined. First, highway construction is indeed remarkable achievements, from yesterday until today morning went into the Fengxian, We all have personal experience. Second, steps have been taken to adjust the rural economy has achieved remarkable results. Third, we have contacted the township and village cadres, their mental state is good, and they are full of confidence with the future development?-?-?
                    --Taken form Comrade Hu Jintao??s speech when he inspected the work in the Fengxian


    Fengxian is located in the north-west of Jiangsu Province, and it located at the cross of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui provinces and seven counties. Here , Xuzhou and Jining two major metropolis joined; it has 14 towns and one provincial EDZ, the area is 1450 sq.km, the population is 1.14 million. Fengxian has a long history, the culture is prosperous, and it??s the homeplace of Han emperor Liu Bang ,Two Han dynasties civilization of long standing, enjoying the reputation of ?eternal fei ,the generation of King Township,? Xi Han famous prime minister XiaoHe, the originator of Taoism ,Chang Tao-ling, and Qing dynasty??s Bingbushangshu Liwei were all born in Fengxian. In recent years, economic construction and social undertakings of Fengxian have made the coordination of rapid development, have won the Greens Industry sample Zone by UN ,the national ecological demonstration counties, the National Fruit and Vegetable Production Top 10 counties, national pollution-free agricultural production demonstration counties, the Nation plain virescence advanced counties, the most investment potential of small and medium cities hundred counties in China, a civilized city in Jiangsu Province, the eco-agriculture counties of Jiangsu Province, the community safety and security County of Jiangsu Province ,and so on.



Fengxian EDZ Introduction

    In May 2006 Jiangsu FengCounty Economic Development Zone through the National Development and Reform Commission audit notice and to be a provincial development zone. The recent construction area is 25 square kilometers, the long period planning area is 60 square kilometers, formed by the industrial area, new city area, salt chemical industry Park and the developing area. Prepared and constructed by both Xishan District, and Fengxian, Xishan Wuxi-FengCounty Industrial Park, is to the east of the EDZ. It first phase starts 2 square kilometers.
    In infrastructure construction, aggregately completed 0.6 billion various types of investment. Roads, power, communications, heat, drainage, afforestation, sewage treatment are completely accomplished, the electric bike R & D and testing center, 100,000 square meters standard plant, the first phase 200,000 square meters uptown for farmers, four-star hotel all being in build, the development zone environmental carrying capacity is growing.
    On attracting investors and project construction, there are WuxiYiduo, Xiexin thermoelectric, Andeli juice, Hubin fruit juice, Tianhong textiles, Jinlinsengong, Jun Yue Bao Milk, Lin??s Store, a number of domestic and foreign food well-know enterprises, and constantly foster the development of food processing, wood processing, coal, electric tricycle , and the salt industry, and other leading industries, and has approved more than 170 enterprises entering the zone. Especially as the basis of the salt resources, establish Xuzhou Salt Chemical Industrial Park, track to promote a joint base-vacuum salt, coke, chlor-alkali, ductile iron pipe, fertilizer and environmental thermoelectric, float glass and other major Industrial Chain Project.
    On investment services, the EDZ carries a closed management style, establish an investment service centers and the first development zone Entrepreneurs Association in Xuzhou, treat the examination and approval procedure for a single-run system and within limited system of  income investment enterprises Zhakou fees, management and services, is famous in Jiangsu Province and three other units in the cause of Promotion Association awarded the ?Best investment environment Development Zone of Jiangsu Province,? title.

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